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  • The Bio-terrorism Act directs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as the food regulatory agency of the Department of Health and Human Services, to take steps to protect the public from a threatened or actual terrorist attack on the U.S. food supply and other food-related emergencies. FDA established regulations requiring that; Food facilities register with FDA and FDA be given advance notice on shipments of imported food.US FDA registration for domestic and foreign food facilities, that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for human or animal consumption in the U.S. Owner, operator, or agent in charge of domestic or foreign food facility is required to register their facility with the US FDA.A commercial processor, when first engaging in the manufacture, processing, or packing of acidified foods (AF) or low-acid canned Foods (LACF) shall register and file with FDA information including the name of the establishment, principal place of business, the location of each establishment in which that processing is carried on, the processing method, and a list of foods so processed in each establishment. An acidified food is a low-acid food to which acid(s) or acid food(s) are added for the purpose of reducing the pH to a finished equilibrium pH of 4.6 or below. It has a water activity greater than 0.85 and is stored and distributed under non-refrigerated conditions.The dietary supplement manufacturers also register their facilities with FDA. They are not required to get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements. Manufacturers and distributors must make sure that all claims and information on the product label and in other labeling are truthful and not misleading.FDA regulates the safety of substances added to food. Also, they regulate how most food is processed, packaged, and labeled. Food labeling is required for most prepared foods, such as breads, cereals, canned and frozen foods, snacks, desserts, drinks, etc. Nutrition labeling for raw produce (fruits and vegetables) and fish is voluntary. Under FDA’s laws and regulations, FDA does not pre-approve labels for food products

JK Consulting Services:

  • U.S. FDA Registration of Food Facilities
  • Acidified & Low-Acid Canned Foods (FCE/SID) Registration
  • Dietary Supplement and Nutrition Labeling
  • Prior notice
  • Food Contact Substances and etc.






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