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Waste Water Consulting

Waste Water ConsultingWaste Water Consulting

Waste Water Consulting

  • Industrial Wastewater Surcharge and Connection Fee

The Sanitation Districts have implemented two revenue programs to cover capital improvements, operation, and maintenance of the sewerage system. These two programs are known as the Wastewater Treatment Surcharge Program and the Connection Fee Program. Each program has its own guidelines and criteria that are associated to the applicability of the discharge company. The following summary is to assist in evaluating the required fee that may be imposed upon your company.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Surcharge Program

This is an annual fee for wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal services. All industrial companies discharging more than one million gallons of wastewater to the public sewerage system during the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), or have high strength waste, are required to file and pay an annual Wastewater Treatment Surcharge Statement. There are three forms available:

Short Form Surcharge Statement: To be filed by companies discharging from 1 to 6 million gallons of wastewater per fiscal year and the wastewater quality meets required standards.

Long Form Surcharge Statement: To be filed by companies discharging more than 6 million gallons of wastewater per fiscal year or having a wastewater quality that exceeds Short Form standards.

Hospital User Charge Statement: To be filed by acute care surgical and acute care psychiatric hospitals.

Connection Fee Program

This fee is used for capital improvements and is levied on all industrial companies who impose a new burden on the sewerage system or those companies who increase their discharge by more than 25 percent. For those companies newly connecting to the Sanitation Districts’ sewerage system, this fee must be addressed prior to making the connection. For those companies increasing their burden on the sewerage system, a connection fee is paid at the time of the increase.


Self- Monitoring Reports

Storm Water



Projects are of many different scopes and sizes, from large environmental monitoring investigations to routine compliance testing. The types of clients for whom the laboratory is providing analytical testing include the following industries: Landfills, Consulting Engineering Firms, Potable Water Districts, Municipalities, Private Water Utilities, Bottled water companies (domestic and international), Oil Companies, Sanitation Districts, Federal Agencies, Aerospace companies, Breweries, Plating industries, Pharmaceutical and Health Care industries, Metal recycling industries, Food manufacturing industries.



  • Industrial Wastewater Permit

The City of Los Angeles is required, by mandate, to protect the health and safety of the public while ensuring that the wastewater collection systems and treatment plants are not unduly impacted by discharge from industrial users.

An industrial user is a discharger of any water bearing waste other than domestic wastewater or of wastewater generated from household type operations performed at commercial establishments for or to support commercial purposes. Business that are industrial users are generally required to obtain an Industrial Wastewater Permit.


  • Waste Water Consulting

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